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What Are The 2 Different Type Of Virtual Numbers?

December 30, 2021


A phone with extensions is a digital number that doesn't come with any type of fixed location. With the help of a virtual office number, you can make and receive calls from any device and phone. You need a VoIP desk phone through which attending calls and delivering messages will take place. If you are running a business, then for your employees, using this virtual phone number is best. As a reason, through this, you can also work at home easily because there is no fixed location and desk for attending calls. It depends on you that which type of device you need for receiving calls by using a virtual number. You can also change your regular phone number with the virtual one through which managing calls will become much easier.

Making an international call will now become very easy for you because of a virtual phone number. There is no need for a network for making a call because all the things are to be done online. You need a strong network for answering and receiving calls because it contains large networking. While running a business, you need to deal with lots of customers and clients. By getting a virtual number, you can make a group call. In this, you will save your money as well as time by making group call at once.

2 types of virtual numbers:

When you are using a virtual mobile number, then you will see that it contains a virtual number in a toll-free and a vanity number. There is 2 basic types of virtual numbers through which you will be able to make calls easily, and in the lower section, we will be discussing them as:

  1. Getting a toll free number: for getting a virtual office phone number, you will also get the facility of a toll free number through which you will make a call anywhere without paying an extra amount on the services. It is based on the minimal calling charge, which is additional and not mandatory. It is absolutely free from cost through which you will reach out to other businesses and networks. For customer support, acquiring these toll-free numbers are very beneficial because through this, you can easily receive and make calls.
  2. Getting a vanity number: by getting a virtual business number, you will be able to get a virtual or a landline mobile number so that you can use it for a long time easily. It will become easy for you to remember the pattern and to use the number. It is very convenient to use it because through this, your address and location will be confidential. When you are using a virtual number, then it is important for you to secure it with a strong password.

The 2 different types of virtual numbers are discussed in the upper section, through which you will be able to choose whether you need to go for a toll-free number or for a vanity number.